Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Raphy Leavitt y La Selecta - La Cuna Blanca (canta Sammy Marrero)

"La Cuna Blanca is the result of a tragic incident in the band's (and Leavitt's) lives. On their way to a dance in Connecticut in 1971, the band's van had an accident, killing trumpet player Luis Maysonet and severely injuring Leavitt. Leavitt sustained several fractures in his hip (he walks with a limp ever since), vertebrae and ribs in the accident, and was placed on intensive care. As he recovered from a comatose state, he had a persistent vision of an empty white crib, from which baby cries could be heard. Somehow he associated the vision with his trumpet player, unaware that he had died in the accident. Maysonet was reportedly dressed in black, and telling him: "Raphy, I'll help you from here". When fellow band members mustered the will to tell Leavitt about the player's death, Leavitt claimed that he already knew about it. After seven months of recovery, Leavitt and his band recorded the tribute song, with Leavitt writing dramatic lyrics interpreted by Sammy Marrero. Marrero's daughter's death from a stray bullet at a reggaeton club in 2005 brought the song back to light in the collective Puerto Rican conscience, and had the dramatic consequence of having Marrero sing it in a tribute concert to La Selecta the day immediately after her death."-wikipedia
"La Cuna Blanca" from Raphy Leavitt y La Selecta-Jibaro Soy (1973)

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